‘Round the Nautilus: April 2016

Welcome to the first in a new blog series, ‘Round the Nautilus!

This monthly series is aimed at helping writers-who-are-readers set the spotlight on the most interesting book they read that month.

Note that I didn’t say books they liked best. This series is for books you can’t shut up about, good or bad. That may mean a new favorite novel, but it also may mean a bestseller that was a bit of a letdown. As long as blurbs are respectfully and tastefully written, they are more than welcome.

So without further ado, here is April 2016’s ‘Round the Nautilus:


Astonish Me
By Maggie Shipstead


A novel as sinewy in strength as its ballet dancers’ muscles. Shipstead tells a story of longing with a melancholic echo that rings for days in the heart. As a writer, the story of dashed hope and undying ambition rings painfully true as Shipstead’s protagonist comes to terms with her faults and failures.

—Amy Thomas




A Thousand Pieces of You
By Claudia Gray

Gray throws her readers into the plot, expertly supplementing en media res action with enough backstory to keep the reader from wandering. Each character, from the two protagonists down to the smallest sidekick, are so well-rendered that by the end I would have recognized them on the street. Gorgeous world building and sharp pacing: this book is a marvel.

—Shannon Price

If you are interested in joining ‘Round the Nautilus for May 2016, please send me a DM and I’ll be happy to fill you in on dates and details. All are welcome!

Photo Credits:
Astonish Me
– washingtonpost.com

Thousand Pieces of You – goodreads.com




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